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10 Reasons You Should Replace Your Front Door


As a homeowner, you want only the best for your home. Right from finding the correct spot to lay the foundation of your house to best-quality raw materials like rebars, cement, etc., to premium quality fittings and appliances. However, one of the things that often takes the backseat is the home’s doors and windows. While your home’s strong foundation will help you make the structure unshakable, a strong exterior door will help keep your family safe and protected. So, if you, too, have neglected the doors to your home, then here are 10 reasons why you should replace your front door!

1. Adds an aesthetic value

The traditional doors that you may have installed back when you built your home might have been the most often used but given the latest trends, why not give your home a newer look? Nowadays, doors come in a wide variety that ranges from colours, finishes, materials and even styles.

2. Helps your home become energy efficient

People often forget that quality doors can help you conserve energy indirectly. If your door is manufactured using the latest technology while integrating materials like steel or even elements of fibreglass instead of traditional wood and glass– it can considerably help you save up on energy. With the correct insulation technique, modern doors can help you trap heat in winter and keep the heat out during scorching sunny days.

3. Several door types to suit your style

Today, right from steel to traditionally used wood— there is an ideal door to fit your home’s style. From normally used doors with a peephole to modern-style front doors with mesh or cutouts, you can find a wide range of doors. Moreover, if you do not find a door that fits in with your home’s aesthetic appeal, then you can always get your doors customised as per your taste and requirements.

4. Noise reduction

As compared to the panel style doors, the latest thick doors can not only help you regulate your home temperature but also reduce the sound that travels through doors. The readily available insulated doors can help reduce outdoor noises.

5. Makes your home accessible

Whether anyone in your family may need it or not— you can also make your accessibility friendly. From installing bars-handles on the sides of the doors to ensuring that the frame of the door easily fits through a cycle or even a wheelchair. This is especially important if you are considering staging in your current home for a longer period of time, so it never hurts to be prepared for different stages of life and what it may demand.

6. Amps up the security factor

Needless to say, your home’s doors are the first line of defence when it comes to your home’s security. Nowadays, the latest doors come equipped with tower locks, peepholes and even secondary locks with additional safety features.

7. Latest locking system

As discussed in the earlier point, the latest doors have modern locking systems that are constantly evolving. Gone are the days when you would need to put a patch and a heavy lock on the front door— in recent times, you can get anything from a simple twist-turn lock to a fingerprint lock integrated into your door for additional security.

8. Easy installation

While the latest doors come with additional features, they also come with the promise of easy installation. Installing new doors is as easy as drilling hinges into the wall and setting up the door! What’s more? You need not worry about buying a separate frame or a chaukhat for the door, as the latest doors come with two, which ensures a fuss-free installation process.

9. Offers better durability

While traditional wood doors require frequent repainting, polishing and repair work— the latest steel doors just require a wipe-down with a wet towel! Even if your front door is a combination of wood and fibreglass— high-quality materials with premium finishes can make your home’s front entry doors resistant to daily wear and tear, ensuring that it lasts longer.

10. Lesser maintenance

As discussed in the above point, some door types require less work than others. So, to make your daily chores and annual repair work list shorter, purchase a front door that makes everyday life easier due to lesser maintenance costs.

While the above list covers a wide range of reasons, for you, the motivation to want to change your front door might be as simple as getting rid of persistent rusting! In the long run, it is important to choose a front door that is not only cost-effective but is also an investment in giving you and your family peace of mind! If such a door is a priority for you, then one of the best brands in the market has to be Tata Pravesh!

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