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How to Design Beautiful Pathways with Decorative Stone


Your pathways don’t have to be old, worn out, and ugly. A few easy tips can help make them attractive and practical. Revamping your pathway is a great way to inject personality and charm into your landscape.It is a wonderful technique to improve your pathway and make it look more personal. Whether you are upgrading an old path or creating one from scratch, a decorative rock supplier can help you create this centerpiece.

Stone paths are essential for foot traffic from the driveway to the front door or from the sidewalk to any part of your yard.Construction of an elegant pathway would do more than only beautify your house; it will improve organization.

Here’s how you can design beautiful pathways with decorative rocks:

  1. Measure The Pathway

The first step in creating a stunning pathway is to select a preferred location and take measurements. A measuring tape can make this work easier. Consider the size of your landscape and create a pathway that compliments it. It shouldn’t be too big or too small.

Once you have taken the measurements, clear up the area. If you’re creating a path in a new location, you may have to use a shovel to dig out the grass and debris. Dig the soil to the right depth and determine the pathway’s boundaries. Use leveling sand to fill in the hole you have dug.

  1. Lay And Arrange The Stones

Sand creates a strong base for laying pathway stones. You can also use a piece of fabric over the sand or gravel to prevent weeds from growing in between the stones and destabilizing them. When laying the decorative stones, ensure they’re leveled. A rake can come in handy while doing the leveling. You can also use other tools, such as a level to assess their alignment, and a rubber mallet to hit the stones in place.

Add a layer of decorative stones on the leveled paving stones. Using a rake, spread them out until they create a stunning finish. Don’t forget to leave some space on the edge of the pavement to drain excess water. If possible, create some slope to let water slide off the stones. This way, moisture won’t interfere with your home’s structure and walls.

  1. Install Edging

Decorative stone pebbles are light and can easily be kicked into the surrounding landscape by children and pets. Without an edging, keeping them on the pavement may be difficult.

There are several types of edges that you can install. A black metal strip is suitable for a minimalist look. Alternatively, you can use bricks to create a country cottage ambiance. Ensure that the edging material is deep enough to prevent it from being a  tripping hazard. Furthermore, the edge’s top should be about an inch above the pebbles. You can stabilize the pathway and prevent it from shifting by compacting the pebbles into the sand. You can also add some plants on the edges to boost the path’s appearance.

Wrapping Up

Creating a functional and beautiful pathway isn’t difficult. A proper plan and preparation can make the installation process smooth. Contact a local decorative stone supplier today to start your pathway creation journey. Most of these suppliers know landscapers who can help you with the job.

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