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We Are Lucknow Based Pest Control Company Located At “f 43, Abrar Nagar, Kalyanpur (East), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226022” We Provide All Types Of Commercial & Residential Pest Control Services In All Over Lucknow & Uttar Pradesh.

Why To Use Slmi Pest Control & Sanitization | Termite Treatment | Pest Control In Lucknow

We can use pest control services to rid our homes, offices, or any enclosed spaces of irritants. Pest control services help prevent recurring problems once pests have been removed. You might have tried home remedies and market-bought pesticides before you hired an expert from one of India’s many pest control companies. In contrast, over-the-counter pesticides are ineffective against certain types of pest infestations. Also, you may be unable to do it independently due to a lack of expertise and time. Besides offering many options at various budget points, Slmi Pest Control & Sanitization ensures that our experts use safe pest control methods.

We provide pest control services in Lucknow city, including

  • Cockroach Control
  • Bedbug Treatment
  • Caterpillar Control
  • Rat Control
  • Blanket Worm Control
  • Termite Control and much more


Termites are wood-eating insects that can destroy your house’s wooden furniture and articles. During the monsoon season, they are more likely to infest your space. You can also find three types of termites in your home or office, all of which can be equally destructive. Besides being an inconvenience, bed bugs can also lead to swelling and infection in the form of red welts that can swell and become infected. Bed bugs are still present in India even though cement and brick houses prevent them from entering our homes. Bed bugs are challenging to detect and multiply rapidly, which makes them difficult to eradicate.


Infestation by mosquitoes is a cause for concern due to the diseases they can transmit. They pose a life-threatening threat caused by Dengue, Malaria, and Chikungunya. It is possible that over-the-top sprays and repellents will not always be effective in this situation. Taking extra precautions with an expert at home is always a brilliant idea.

Winter ants

These ants are especially dangerous during the winter but can cause yearly problems. Besides destroying food, they can cause insect bites and skin irritation (red ants).


Besides spreading the plague, rats can cause massive destruction to property by nibbling through wires, clothes, books, and more.


The presence of cockroaches can lead to severe bacterial diseases. In addition to being annoying pests most of the year, they reproduce rapidly, and insecticides do not work on them. Roaches are the only species capable of surviving a nuclear attack! The best advice we can give you is to contact the experts if you have a problem.

How Slmi Pest Control & Sanitization Work

  • A trained member of our staff inspects the problem at your place. You can get a free inspection.
  • You can get a quote and schedule a date if you want pest control services for your home.
  • We offer single pest control services and packages of your choice that you can choose from

Business location:

Business Name: Slmi Pest Control & Sanitization | Termite Treatment | Pest Control In Lucknow

Address: f 43, Abrar Nagar, Kalyanpur (East), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226022

Contact Person: Mohd Suhail

Phone: 095805 74211

Email: [email protected]

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