Plumbing Issues in Calgary

What’s Considered as Emergency Plumbing Issues in Calgary?


Did you know that households in Canada lose around 11,000 gallons of water yearly?This water is enough to provide to over 11 million households. Some plumbing issues often require easy fixes, and they take just a single call to a plumber. But the question is, what is classed as emergency plumbing issues in the city? Here are examples of plumbing issues, which are classed as emergencies:

1. Leaking Water Heaters

If there is water under and around your heater, then you have an emergency plumbing issue to deal with. Because heaters are important appliances in households, you must call an emergency plumber right away to help you replace the system or fix the problem. However, before then, remember to shut off the mains water supply until your plumber comes.

2. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes may wreak havoc in a home, and mostly, you will need to call a plumber to fix the problem right away. Upon the first signs of burst pipes, close the main supply of water to avoid further damage. Signs of burst pipes may include things, such as water marks, unusual sounds, or lower water pressure. Corrosion/rust, clogs, and frigid temperatures are common causes of a burst pipe.

3. Slow Draining Tubs or Sinks

If your bathtub or kitchen sink starts to drain water slowly, it simply means there is something that prevents it from flowing smoothly. This can be dirt, hair collection, and other debris clogging the pipes. Be careful when buying a chemical drain-cleaning product. The product may not clear a small blockage, but may have harsh chemicals, which can eventually melt or corrode your pipes. Rather than using such products, try combining vinegar and baking soda.

4. Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing toilets are common plumbing emergencies. The problem can worsen when all the toilets in the house overflow or if you just have one bathroom. In this situation, you and your family must hold tight until an emergency plumber comes to fix the issue. Overflowing toilet often consists of water, but in some situations, it may have solid waste that can put your heath at risk. But before your plumber arrives, first switch off the supply valve behind your toilet so as to stop the flow of water.

5. Sewer Line Backup

Sewer line backups are among the worst plumbing issues you can deal with. They may lead to a slow draining fixture, bad smell, and eventually waste-filled water backing up to your home. If not handled on time, this can present serious health issues. Usually, knowing the severity of the problem is important for you take the right preventive measures.

The bottom line is that, there are many emergency plumbing issues that you can’t comfortably fix by yourself. That’s why we recommend contacting the right emergency plumber to fix plumbing issues on your behalf. The plumber will not just fix the sewer line backup and overflowing toilet. They will also deal with slow draining tubs/sinks, leaking water heating system, or burst pipes.

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