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5 tips for designing your home


You’ve always had a clear idea of ​​what your future home would look like and the time to put it into practice has finally arrived. To have the house of your choice according to your needs and your tastes , you will have to take into account some essential points which will allow you to have a house which will please you both aesthetically and in terms of its practicality. Here are 5 tips to best design your home.

1 – Choose your builder

You have different ways to choose the right builder : find out about their website, find their star rating on Google or even make several appointments with different builders. These different approaches will allow you to compare the different models of houses and thus choose according to your tastes. Villadirect offers a wide choice of single-storey and two-storey models designed by designers .

The interior of your home is, again, entirely modular according to your desires. These designers are there to accompany you and give you advice so that the design of your home makes you feel as good as possible.

Interior seen at a Villadirect client

2 – Find land you like

This is the second essential step in your project: finding land to your liking. First , define the city , town or village that would be best for you, taking into account the home-work distance and the home-school distance, if you have children.

After having made this first delimitation do not hesitate to extend your radius so as not to be disappointed. Indeed, depending on the location selected, land is more or less rare, which drives up prices. By extending your residential sector by a few kilometers, you would be surprised to come across land that you would not even have dared to imagine because of the price in your initial sector.

Once a land has been selected, several elements must be identified for the future design of your house. For example, if the land is in a wooded area, you will have to think more about the place of the windows and the sunshine.

At Villadirect, your housing advisers will accompany you from the beginning to the end of your project. With its 11 agencies located all around the Mediterranean, Villadirect will allow you to build your house in the area you want.

3 – Choose between a one-storey or two-storey house

Now that you have the perfect piece of land for you, you have to choose between a single or two-storey house. If you want to keep a large area of ​​land, it is advisable to opt for a two-storey house . This will allow you to save space outside but also to further delimit the living spaces inside.

If you prefer the aesthetics of the single-storey house , this one also has many advantages such as its ease of maintenance, for example. In Villadirect ‘s wide range , you will find many models of single-storey and two-storey villas.

Find more details in the article : “  Two-storey or single-storey house, what to choose?  »

The Autan model

The Alizé model

4 – Define the main spaces

For the interior design of your home, start by defining the number of bedrooms you need. Also consider how many bathrooms you want. Finally, as far as  the “day area  ” is concerned, it’s up to you to decide whether it will be a kitchen open to the living room or closed.

All of these points will allow you to have a more global and detailed view of your future home. Here again, Villadirect supports you since its housing advisors are there to guide you and help you design a house that suits you.

5 – Trust your builder

If you have applied the 4 previous steps, now is the time to make your project a reality. For this, you will need professionals to make the long- awaited house. With the builder Villadirect you will not only have the support but also all the professionals you need to build your home.

So that the construction of your home goes smoothly, you will have a single point of contact throughout the project : your housing advisor.

To guarantee you the best value for money, Villadirect directly manages the entire construction project, from the selection of the land, as mentioned above, until the completion of the work.

Pledge of a rigorous builder, Villadirect has NF Habitat certification . This requires the quality of the design and construction of your home, including the quality of the materials used.

For Villadirect , high price is not synonymous with quality so don’t wait any longer to take advantage of the best professionals for your home.

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