Maintaining your New Home

4 Tips for Maintaining your New Home


Maintaining your home well is above all a question of comfort but not only, since thanks to regular maintenance you will maintain the quality of your home and its safety over time . Don’t panic, you won’t spend your whole weekends cleaning your house, but it’s thanks to small daily gestures that you will be able to maintain your new home. Here are 4 tips and tricks to achieve this.

From grandmother’s potions to eco-responsible products, there is only one step. Indeed, it is time to forget “cleaning” wipes soaked in products harmful to health and chemical maintenance sprays to return to natural solutions that are just as effective. White vinegar, black soap, black baking soda or Marseille soap are ideal replacements for all conventional cleaning products. Thanks to them you will save money, you will preserve your health and you will limit your impact on the environment. This is why we will favor the use of natural products in this article.

1) In the kitchen and living room: clean the furniture and maintain the pipes

To preserve the quality and hygiene of your furniture, maintaining it once a month is ideal. To do this, all you have to do is remove everything inside and bring a microfiber cloth, hot water and black soap . If you have lacquered wood furniture, hot water and a dishcloth will suffice. All you have to do is rub them to remove traces and dust and enjoy your shiny and clean furniture. Thanks to this gesture applied regularly, your living room and kitchen furniture will be more resistant over time and you will limit the appearance of mold.

As for plumbing, certain actions are necessary to maintain the pipes and thus keep a plumbing installation in good condition . Indeed, our everyday products tend to accumulate and lead to bad odors and clogs. To avoid this, several natural solutions exist. To start, if you notice a longer flow than usual, run boiling water. This has the power to dilute and dissolve soap and grease. Another tip to apply regularly: pouring coffee grounds into your pipes prevents grease from adheringto the conduits and thus block your pipes (run hot water over them). You can also use a sink strainer to catch waste and keep your drains from clogging.

2) In the bathroom: descale the sink, shower and toilet

The sink, the shower and the toilet are areas of your home in almost permanent contact with water. To avoid the deterioration of your bathroom, do not hesitate to descale these places at least once every two weeks . For the toilet , you just need to pour half a glass of baking soda and half a glass of white vinegar . This natural chemical reaction is triggered as soon as the two products come into contact, forming an effervescence and thus loosening the dirt. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. The most stubborn traces disappear and bad odors are eliminated: perfect for a healthy and odor-free bathroom.

As for the shower and the sink , baking soda can also be used very well on glass, enamel or resin. To do this, put a little baking soda on a damp sponge and rub. The ideal is to wait a few minutes before rinsing. The same method can also be used to shine the shower head and faucet. To boost the effectiveness of this natural magic powder, it can be applied with half a lemon. In addition to bringing a small note of fresh and tangy fragrance, lemon will make all the surfaces of the bathroom shine .

3) In the bedrooms: dust thoroughly

Dust loves to seep into every corner of our bedrooms. To get rid of it , a lot of storage and organization are essential . Start by emptying all your furniture, cupboards and nightstands so that you can clean the entire surfaces. You can very well use your vacuum cleaner to give no chance for dust to remain. Then for the bed, do not hesitate to move the mattress to let it breathe for a few moments and to be able to clean the bed base.

Finally, carpets and curtains can be real nests for dust and bacteria. For the curtains, nothing could be simpler since a machine ride and you’re done . Carpets, on the other hand, require more handling to make them look like new. For this, the essential baking soda and sparkling water will be very good products to clean your carpets and revive their colors. It also turns out that black soap mixed with two liters of warm water will allow you to remove the toughest stains.

4) Outside: maintenance of gutters and roofing

Every month maintaining your gutters will only take you a few minutes and thanks to this you will avoid many inconveniences. All you have to do is take a little height, remove dead leaves or other residues to free the passage of water when it rains.

For the cover of your house, that is to say the roof, a complete cleaning is recommended with each new season. You will thus remove all kinds of traces but also leaves, moss or other debris that deteriorate this part of your habitat. Whether it is tile, zinc or slate, cleaning will not be done in the same way.

Using a brush and scrubbing is the first step to getting rid of the moss that has appeared on your roof, and if that’s not enough, opt for a neutral product to help you. If the stain seems too risky, you can call on a professional who will find the right cleaning formula for your type of cover.

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