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Budget, land, house: what you need to know to start your construction project


Choosing your builder is the first step to a successful construction project . For many, home ownership is the project of a lifetime and must therefore take place calmly and in confidence with its builder. If taking the step of building your own house still seems difficult to you, here are some tips for getting started and starting your construction project

In France, there are more than 1,200 builders of individual houses, most of which are regional builders. Whether you are at the beginning of your research or whether you have already made several appointments with some of them, the first contact with a builder is essential. During this one you will determine your needs and your desires.

Desires to the construction project

During the first appointment, the fundamental challenge is to match your desires with what the builder can actually build. Indeed, the various Habitat Advisors will ask you in which area you would like to live , the surface area you would like or the budget you wish to invest. This is why it is essential to know their needs and desires in order to move forward in the development of your project. In general, future owners have a lot of desires that the Housing Advisor will target to identify the most essential ones and thus make them coincide with your means. Finally, the first meeting will allow you to judgewhich manufacturer can best meet your expectations and which of them can provide you with the best support.

At Villadirect , your Home Advisor will accompany you from the first meeting to handing over the keys to your house. It is during several meetings together that you will define and concretize your project. He will give you the benefit of his expertise and experience in all stages of the construction of the financing through the land and up to the development of your house.

The importance of the land

The land is one of the most important elements when starting a construction project. In the South East of France, the price of land varies enormously depending on the geographical area where you want to settle. It is therefore necessary, first of all, to target your needs and your desires according to several criteria: the presence of amenities, the nearby roads (if necessary), the distance home-school and home-work or even the desire or not to live in the neighborhood. The Habitat Advisors are aware of these different issues and will direct you to the sector that suits you best. During these appointments, do not hesitate to take into consideration any changes in location. Indeed, the Habitat Advisers know very well the sectors in which they work and want above all that you are the best possible in your future home.

Your Villadirect Habitat Advisors will assist you in selecting your land by giving you the benefit of their thirty years of experience and their land partners. The Villadirect formula allows you to benefit from new offers of land and houses with personalized support in the search.

The quality of the constructions

To start a good construction project with peace of mind, it is important to look at the quality of the constructions of the different companies. For this you can very well go to several open houses to understand what types of houses the builders offer as well as the quality of the constructions.

With Villadirect , you will have no doubts about the quality of your future home since it is guaranteed by the NF Habitat certification . In the South region, Villadirect is one of the first builders to have obtained this certification. It indicates that the company is structured to respect an approach described in precise specifications, which guarantees you the quality of the construction carried out both on the design of your house and the quality of the materials used.

To meet your Villadirect Habitat Advisors , go by video and telephone with the contact details of the agency closest to you.

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