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How to choose the ideal land for your construction project?


Among the many stages of a construction process , that of finding the ideal land is essential. To achieve this, your needs and desires will be the first thing to determine. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect lot for your home.


The first essential step in the search for land is to determine the geographical area where you want to locate your house. Indeed, delimiting a search perimeter will allow you to save time and get closer to the key places of your day such as school or work for example.

In France, certain areas of establishment can vary from simple to double in terms of price. So do not rule out extending your search area , you would be surprised at the finds you would make.


There are different types of terrain:

The plot of land

This is a land previously divided by a developer. Thus this type of land has been previously prepared for its future purchase. It was bounded , since separated from the others and provided with mains services , that is to say connected to the essential networks (water, electricity, gas, etc.)

The field in diffuse

This type of land is the opposite of subdivision land. This has not been cut or checked beforehand. You must therefore prepare the land or the construction company you trust so that it is suitable for your future home.

The building plot

The building plot is constructible, laid out for construction and bounded in order to distinguish it from the others. It can therefore be in subdivision but also isolated in diffuse.

With Villadirect , you can opt for one of its three solutions because your Home Advisor takes care of everything . Indeed, the search for land according to your criteria belongs to him and he will thus be able to show you all the land he has previously selected, in agreement with the land partners.

The localisation

When you buy land, it is important to study its location. Indeed, even if the construction of a house is, for many, the project of a lifetime, it is not excluded that you want to resell your property in a few years. Put the odds on your side by favoring land near schools, shops, doctors and public transport.

Of course, pay particular attention to the proximity to roads , railways or even air corridors which could cause noise pollution and depreciate your acquisition.

The constructor

If you choose the builder of individual houses Villadirect, you will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of your project. Indeed, as mentioned above, the search for land will be carried out by your Housing Advisor with Villadirect’s land partners (unless you already have land). At Villadirect , your main contact therefore has a portfolio of land that allows him to make proposals and thus meet your expectations.

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