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Building a house is for many of us the project of a lifetime. To fulfill the desires of future owners, Villadirect has developed a range of unique villas ranging from traditional to contemporary . Whether you are a young couple, a family with children or a single person, Villadirect housing advisers will help you choose your home. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities that Villadirect offers you .

With Villadirect you will have the choice. From the beginning to the end of your construction project, you will be at the heart of the adventure. Initially, your Villadirect Habitat Advisor will allow you to target your expectations and needs and then launch your project. You will be able

From traditional to contemporary

Have you always wanted a traditional house? With Villadirect it is possible. You can choose from the Alizé , Autan , Mistral or Sirocco models.

Villadirect also offers contemporary style homes. Take the example of the Tramontane model which, in addition to having aesthetic advantages, has many practical advantages . Indeed, in each room you can integrate French windows, which will bring you a lot of light while giving you quick access to the garden. For the living room, you will have the possibility of installing an open kitchen to accentuate the effect of grandeur and modernity.

A one-storey or two-storey villa

Among the choices you will have to make during your construction project, that of a single-storey or two-storey house is important. In Villadirect’s range of houses, the Alizé, Sirocco, Tramontane and Zéphir models are single-storey and the Mistral and Autan models are two-storey. These two configurations have many advantages and can be adapted to everyone’s needs and desires. If you want to further mark the separation between living rooms and bedrooms , the two-storey house is for you. If you want all your rooms to be at the same level for accessibility reasons,the single storey house is perfect. Whether you choose one or the other, you can fully modulate your spaces by closing the kitchen or leaving it open, for example, or choose to add a laundry room or not. You will be the actors of your construction.

New: wooden cladding

This year Villadirect has seen even further since it offers its new owners of individual houses the option of adding wooden cladding. This novelty will allow you to add a touch of natural modernity to your home. In an approach of quality and satisfaction, to achieve this Villadirect has surrounded itself with the best designers to integrate this novelty into its range of villas.

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