BESTÅ furniture

ideas for customizing BESTÅ furniture


Mythical range of the IKEA brand, BESTÅ modular storage units are very easy to customize! Discover our selection of 15 BESTÅ IKEA Hacks to personalize them according to your desires.

Are you looking for simple furniture to revamp for your interior? Find out how to personalize furniture from the  BESTÅ range  with IKEA Hacks!

IKEA Hackers: customize IKEA classics

Very practical and above all affordable, IKEA furniture  is a delight for all lovers of decoration because it adapts to all interiors. But because of their cubic and often monochrome shape, you can quickly transform your living room into a magazine brochure without personality by opting for 100% IKEA furniture. This is why IKEA Hacks were created! The principle is simple: we customize the furniture of the Swedish brand to make a more personal version adapted to our needs. More than a way to revamp your furniture, IKEA Hacking is an ideal opportunity to let all your creative desires speak! The term ” hack ” invites you to hijack and transform IKEA furniture  with ever more originality then share them on the various social networks accompanied by the now famous  hashtag #ikeahack . While all of the brand’s furniture can be personalized, certain collections, such as furniture from the  BESTÅ range , are among the darlings of IKEA Hackers.

Ultra-modular storage units from the BESTÅ range

The BESTÅ range is an essential range of the IKEA brand marketed for more than ten years. The Swedish giant offers, in this line, very simple cubic storage units, in different shapes, sizes and finishes to furnish every room in your home. The  BESTÅ range is unquestionably one of the most effective for arranging your interior according to your desires. Whether it’s to make a TV cabinet, to make a reading bench for your children or to arrange  a sideboard to store your dishes , BESTÅ IKEA furniture  will adapt to your space. You can juxtapose, stack and mix them to create a unique and 100% personalized combination.

How to customize your BESTÅ IKEA furniture?

The key word for IKEA Hackers is creativity! With paint, cane rollers , wooden sticks or by adding original handles to your new creation, everything is possible to customize  BESTÅ IKEA furniture. All you have to do is choose your basic structure and let your decorative desires do the talking. For beginners looking for inspiration, here is a selection of 15 IKEA Hacks to customize furniture from the BESTÅ

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