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Potted plants, good planting advice.?


Want to flower your terrace or your balcony? Discover our tips for planting well in pots. A pretty flowerpot, a well-chosen plant and your terrace will be enhanced by a pleasant, colorful and fragrant bloom. Pot planting requires following a few simple rules to ensure healthy plants.

I choose my container

The choice of container should not be made at random, or vice versa, if you already have your flower pot, choose a plant that will like it. Some varieties of plants need more or less space to grow.

1. The material of the pot

Different materials exist: zinc, iron, terracotta, wood, plastic, concrete, and even fabric. For its major advantages, I advise you to favor plastic flower pots , they are light, modern, solid, frost-resistant, with various and varied shapes and they often have a water reserve.

The water reserve of a flowerpot prevents root rot and allows the plants to be irrigated regularly and slowly. It is ideal when you go on vacation or if you do not have time to take care of your plants.

There are two criteria for choosing the right size for your flowerpot: the width or diameter and the depth. Large pots can accommodate shrubs, a pot of several varieties of plants and hanging plants. While small pots will be more suitable for annuals, bulbs and perennials. Again this is just a general rule.

Regarding the depth of the pot, the rule is that the depth should be equal to one third of the final height of the plant.

2. I prepare my flowerpot

First of all, you will need to prepare your container. So that the water can evacuate properly, you must create drainage holes in your flower box.. If not, drill yourself the bottom of your pot with several small holes or one large one.

The draining

Now, you must fill the bottom of your pot with a bed of clay balls, this on 1/5 th of the height of the pot. This drainage is the essential step for the success of your plantation. It prevents the roots from rotting in stagnant water at the bottom of the pot.

If you have a pot with a water reserve, it is not compulsory to set up the drainage, because the water reserve makes it possible to regulate the water contained at the bottom of the pot.

After laying the bed of clay pebbles, you can install a geotextile felt. It helps to retain the soil during watering, thus avoiding soiling the terrace, and preventing the drainage holes from being clogged with soil.

The substrate

To plant your plant, choose a good soil. There are potting soils specially designed for potted plants. You can also use universal potting soil mixed with garden soil and compost. Some also advise adding a little sand.Now your pot is ready for your plant!

3. I finish planting

If you put several varieties of plants, first do a test by arranging them without planting them. Ideally, tall plants should be in the center of the pot, low plants around it and drooping plants on the edge.First drench your plant, to do this, soak it for a few minutes in a bucket of water. If necessary, separate the roots.Place your plant or plants in the prepared pot and add a layer of substrate. Tamp down and water generously.

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