decorate your home for fall

Simple ways to decorate your home for fall


With crisp autumn air swirling outside, it may have you in the seasonal home décor spirit. Look no further for our top simple ways to decorate your home for fall.

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Abundant outdoor décor

Fall is all about not only getting cozy but also welcoming friends and family to your home. Be it a nice, comforting meal, or a fun holiday party, you want your outdoor fall décor to be abundant and inviting. Try utilizing natural fall crops like dried corn stalks, pumpkins, or tall airy grass arrangements on your front porch. Add in some lanterns for a warm, flickering glow.

Table fit for family

Our next simple way to decorate for fall is to dress your table fit for your family. Use favorite fall patterns like plaid and buffalo checkers on napkins or a table runner (a scarf is a great substitute if you don’t have a runner). Center the table with a dried arrangement in autumn shades of brown, cream, and orange for added texture and interest.

Flickering warmth

Light up your fireplace or use candles to give your home all the cozy fall vibes you are craving. There is nothing like a soft, warm flame to make your entire space feel like it’s ready for chilly evenings.

Plush and inviting

There’s something about crisp air that makes us want to get cozy on the couch and throughout our home. Spruce up your fall décor by adding some comforting throw blankets and pillows. Opt for warm tones and throw in a plaid pattern to give all the fall feels. Try integrating faux fur for texture and an added cozy feel. Soft home items can transform a space from harsh and uninviting, to a room you want to relax in.

Make up the mantle

Your fireplace is a natural focal point in your living space. Let your mantle be the spot to put all your favorite seasonal fall items. Try varying the height of items by utilizing candle sticks or even cake stands for easy elevation. Place your favorite pumpkins or vases with fall greenery inside along your mantle for a showstopping yet simple way to decorate for the season.

Goo-goo for gourds

Go goo-goo for gourds as you simply decorate for fall. Try centering your coffee table with a wooden bowl full of your favorite fall gourds, or sprinkle gourds around your space for little touches of fall wherever you look.

Flecks of copper

Our final tip for decorating your home for fall is to integrate flecks of copper throughout your décor. Think of adding a hammered copper vase, or copper candle holders to add those lovely, warm orange tones and another layer of texture to the room.

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