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Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Why You Should Invest in A Security Alarm



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, depending on where you live, a home security alarm can be anything from a helpful deterrent to a necessity. Just the amount of package thefts that go on in different neighborhoods makes a home security alarm worth the money. Let’s check out why you should invest in a security alarm.

The Details

  1. Protect your family – Any home alarm system’s main purpose is protecting your family. Your family is the most important part of your life and any investment that increases their safety is worth the price. If someone even dares to break into your home, the home alarm system can immediately activate and use loud sounds to notify you and your neighbors about the break-in. Apart from that, the cameras of the system can capture footage as proof of the crime and notify the authorities automatically so that the cops can respond in a timely manner.

A home alarm system doesn’t just protect you from intruders. They also have sensors that can detect environmental dangers like poisonous gas and fire, and immediately sound an alert to your family members so that they can evacuate the property quickly. You can also program such systems to notify the fire department and other emergency services for help.

  1. Request medical assistance – The people who benefit most from home alarm systems aren’t regular families, but the elderly. Homes with senior citizens are primary targets for break-ins since they will be less resistant. Moreover, elderly people are also at a higher risk of requiring emergency medical assistance.

Medical pendants are often paired with good home alarm systems. They monitor the health condition of the elderly in your home and when something goes wrong, they can immediately send a request for help to emergency medical services. That way, when you leave for work and leave the elderly family members alone at home, you can be at peace.

  1. Reduced insurance costs – Insurance companies assess the risk factors of your home to calculate the monthly or annual premium. If your home is more at risk of natural disasters, break-ins, environmental risks, and more, you’re more likely to apply for insurance. That’s why such homes have higher premiums. However, as you increase security features like fences, security systems, and alarms in your home, those risks get reduced as does your insurance premium.
  1. Remote access – Most home alarm systems come with a set of cameras that can be installed all around your home. The cameras can be accessed remotely from anywhere as long as they are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. This allows you to keep tabs on your home when you’re out at work or on vacation.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you invest in a good home security alarm after thoroughly researching your options. The alarm system should work with a network of sensors and cameras that warns you of break-ins and immediately notifies the authorities about the crime.

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