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Tips To Choose The Right Quartz Countertops


Using stones and rocks to decorate one’s living space is one of the most sought-after interiors of today’s times. It elevates the appearance of the pad one resides and spends time. One can feel the energy and aura because of the use of such stones and rocks. Countertops make an important part of the kitchen and washrooms as they serve multiple purposes. Not just for keeping things and fixing the fittings, the countertops also add to the beauty and presence by allowing for placing things permanently yet systematically. Calacatta quartz is considered to be one of the most preferred materials when choosing a countertop design and style. It is because they are simply incomparable when it comes to selecting material for an excellent custom-built kitchen.

Since a countertop plays an important role in styling, designing and making the kitchen stuff manageable, they serve a dual purpose of providing ample space to work as well as storing the stuff when not in use. Be it mixies, juicers, tea or coffee –makers, a countertop accommodates all. Many times, there are things which have to be kept nearby or handy, and the kitchen countertop becomes the ideal place to put them. Let us outline a few important tips to be kept in mind while finalizing the kitchen countertop:

  • Resistance from stains: While choosing a countertop material, the first and foremost priority must be the choice of material which is simply resistant to stains. Working in the kitchen invites many types of stains and blemishes, which if the material isn’t resilient, will result in spoiling the look of the kitchen. One has to work in a kitchen every day and once the appearance gets ruined, the whole joy of working vanishes. It tends to become a drudged job which one must do. It is highly demotivating and also brings embarrassment when someone else enters your kitchen. Thus, it is extremely important that the countertop material should be sturdy and stain resistant. A choice of quartz countertops such as calacatta quartz countertops proves ideal for such conditions.
  • Durable: Durability and reliability are other important considerations for choosing the right material for kitchen countertops. Since it is a long-term investment and one has to use it every day, also in innumerable ways, it becomes imperative that the countertop material is durable to face all extreme conditions and temperatures. Cooking at extreme temperatures or using equipment placed on a countertop can conveniently spoil it if the material used to build the countertop is not durable. So it is essential to choose the material wisely, keeping in mind the usage.
  • Installation and Quality Assurance: Selecting the appropriate material to build a countertop is equally essential as is the installation. Since there is extensive use of the countertop in the kitchen, it is imperative to ensure that the installation process is achieved suitably. Further, the vendor who provides you with the countertop stone must be reliable to give quality assurance and sturdiness of the material used. In a kitchen, there are different operations that are taken up, while cooking food. It may vary from cutting and chopping to crushing and sometimes even grinding and churning. All this can only be accomplished when there is quality assurance and the product is installed suitably.
  • Easy to maintain: Working professionals and people busy with other things cannot spend a lot of time cleaning and maintaining the table tops. They like to opt for countertop material which requires the least maintenance as they cannot spare extra time for cleaning and washing etc. their aim is to have a handy use of the countertop most of the time. So it is essential that the material that one chooses for making a countertop is easily manageable and requires the least maintenance. Materials like quartz calacatta and other choices are ideal to meet these conditions.
  • Pricing: Another criterion is the cost factor. The market offers a wide range of products at a wide range of prices depending on their quality and availability. A genuine product available at a reasonable price is what the customer should look for while finalizing the material for a kitchen countertop. Sometimes even bargaining helps to prevent getting a hole in your pocket. Though one aims to get the material that best fits in, according to the design and style in addition to usage, the cost of the same must also be considered carefully while deciding on the type of quartz to be bought. A huge range of products which may or may not be authentic is available in the market. One needs a keen eye to be able to choose the most suitable quartz depending on one’s pocket.

Having an outstanding kitchen is one of the most looked out for dreams for any household. However, with the advent of modern technology and style of living, the usage of kitchen countertops has undergone a radical change. Now people have become more health conscious and try to include the basic ingredients in their meals. This means using more greens, roots and raw forms of nuts and vegetables and spices. Often to change them into an edible form, there is a need to process these things. It involves extensive use of machines and heavy equipment which is done by placing it on a tabletop.

A tabletop in a kitchen represents the idea of food and style accompanied by a stylish appearance to the visitors. All this makes the choice of the material for table countertops extremely essential. Many people prefer quantra quartz which is a robust and solid kind of material and is easily available. It is used widely throughout the world and is chosen mostly because of its availability in a wide range of sizes and widths. Different designs and styles along with color choices make it the most preferred choice for kitchen countertops when one has to finalize the kind of material to be used. It is not only cost-effective and efficient when it comes to pricing, but it is also the simplest way to upgrade your house.

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