After-Storm Clean-Up

Safety Tips and After-Storm Clean-Up


Yards can become a mess after a storm. There are many things that homeowners need to do, such as removing fallen trees and branches and putting them in order. There are some dangers to your yard after a storm. Take your time.

These are some safety and clean-up tips that will help you clean up after a storm passes.

  • Take a look around your house – Take pictures and take measurements to document the damage. Inspect for hanging branches and downed power lines. Call your power company immediately if a power line goes down. Never touch a power.
  • Protective gear – Wear protective eye wear and gloves to avoid injury.
  • People want to return to normal as soon as possible after a hurricane or tropical storm – It may take some time to clean up the debris and get rid of any damaged items. You might need to clean up the debris and damage from a storm for a few days or even months.
  • Tree repair – A tree can be more susceptible to diseases and insects if it is damaged. Trees that are showing signs of damage should be treated in order to preserve their health. Restoring damaged branches is possible by pruning them. To ensure safety and prevent further property damage, remove any hanging or broken branches.
  • Call the experts – For severe tree damage, contact a tree specialist for tree removal.
  • Roof Damage – If you suspect that your roof is damaged, contact a local roofing contractor for an inspection and repair.
  • Waste disposal – To dispose of fallen or salvaged trees, or to remove any other items from your home, contact a junk hauling company
  • Re-plant trees and plants after you have cleaned up your yard. You should ensure that the plants you choose are strong enough to withstand storms in Tampa Bay.

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