The Perfect Bedhead

Quick Tips To Purchase The Perfect Bedhead


When you think about your bedroom, you cannot leave behind your bed. Your bed is the centre of your space. And speaking of a bed, how can you skip on the bedhead? You have a variety of options in bedheads when you dig deeper. You can check out the immense variety in custom made bedheads and ensure that you have the most appropriate one.

Ponder About The Space

The foremost step to choosing the perfect bedhead is to consider the overall space. Measure your room, size actually matters when choosing a bedhead. You do not really wish your bedhead to overwhelm and even overpower the space. In case you have low ceilings then you must consider a shorter bedhead, in case you have high ceilings and a huge room you must pick a high and wide bedhead. Do you really want your bedhead to overhang or simply perfectly align with your bed base?  It would be nice if you measure your mattress and make use of tape to mark out the width as well as height of any possible bedheads on your wall so you can see how it is going to feel in the space.

You also consider the space between side walls and even the bedhead, will your bedside tables proportionately look correct when a bedhead is added? Assembling a proper mood board will help and will guarantee your fresh bedhead matches with your current or other newly purchased bedroom furniture or pieces.

Pick a Colour Scheme and Texture

You must ponder about your overall colour scheme as well as if you want the bedhead to be a bold feature. A neutral type of tone such a beige or even grey is always a safe bet and leaves you free to just explore bold coloured bedspreads, throws and even cushions. Lighter shades work well in tiny spaces as they keep the space absolutely light and boost the illusion of space. In case you do make up your mind to go with a bold shade bed head, balance the bed with somewhat neutral linen as well as pale walls. Be lively with texture and consider your options for exact finishes. Do you actually explore a bedhead formed up of linen, velvet, rattan, cork or even timber?  The point is texture can actually impact the way the entire room feels, velvet radiates luxury, whereas rattan and pale timber tend towards a shore relaxed style.

Pick a right style

Once choosing a style of bedhead, ponder about the rest of your home e.g., is it classic or coastal or an industrial aesthetic. Get inspiration from the way your home feels, try not to simply be too impacted by current trends, opt for a piece you know you are going to love for many years to come. ponder about the shape of the bedhead you wish to have. Do you look forward to having a more conventional square bedhead or a modern type of curved organic look? Do you wish to have a timber, quilted, rattan, cane, leather or classic fabric with or even without button detailing bedhead?  You need to spend some amount of time exploring the options to make up your mind to complete the overall look you want.


To sum up, the bedhead of your bed is not a small deal, and you need to be considerate about what you choose and why. Having all these discussed points in mind will help you choose better.

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