the Best Party Speaker

What to Look for in the Best Party Speaker?


The fact is, a party is not a party without music. So whether you are planning a summer party, a child’s birthday, anniversary, wedding or even a wake wouldn’t be the same without music. Traditionally, you either needed to hire someone with a sound system or rely on a CD player or radio, but today all you need is a speaker – and a device that can stream or download the music. But, there are so many speakers out there; how are you meant to choose one? Keep reading for more information.

The Size of the Party

When looking for a party speaker, you obviously need to think about the party itself. For example, how many people are going and is the party going to be inside or outside? This will help to inform the size of the speaker that you will need. For example, a larger, outdoor party will require a bigger and more powerful speaker than an indoor, intimate soiree would need.

The Power Output

Power output is different to the loudness of the speaker. The power output refers to the quality of the sound over the volume it is played out. A higher power output often means that the sound quality won’t be compromised regardless of the volume of the speaker. Power output is definitely something you should consider when purchasing a speaker; lower output can distort the sounds when played at higher volumes.

The Sound Performance

When purchasing a speaker, you need to think about the clarity and quality of the sound at all volumes and frequencies. Some speakers can get tinny when played at a higher volume, and the sound begins to get distorted. Obviously, the music is likely to be somewhat on the louder side at a party which is why this is important.

The Bass

Depending on the type of party you want the speaker for, you might also want to think about the bass. If you want to encourage people to get up and dance during the party, then the bass is paramount. The subwoofer and drivers are what determines the quality of the bass.

The Battery Life

Most parties will last for a few hours at least, and ideally, your speaker will have enough charge to last. The battery life doesn’t matter too much if the party is going to be inside, the speaker can remain plugged into a power outlet, but if the party is outside and your speaker runs out of charge, the whole party could be ruined.

The Portability

Regardless of whether the party is indoors or outdoors, the portability of the speaker matters too. Obviously, all portable speakers come with a certain level of portability, but some are bigger than others which can make them more cumbersome to transport. However, the smaller speakers are more easily lost.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right party speaker does matter. Nothing dampens a party more than a speaker dying halfway through or the music distorting or turning tinny at higher volumes. So when it comes to finding the best party speaker, you should bear in mind the criteria listed above, as well as your personal preferences and criteria too.

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